Motors 4 Gates offers professional installation of gate operators & accessories. If you already have a gate operator, we will visit to ensure that your the proper gate and power source are in place and ready to use for your specific gate motor.

If you do not already have a gate operator, we will recommend one based on the type of gate, size and weight of your gate, expected usage, compatibility with desired accessories, and budget/quality trade offs.


Like with all good things, caring for your automatic gate system will increase it running healthy and will improve its shelf life. For sliding gates, user chain lubrication is recommended monthly.

Professional maintenance is recommended every six months for all gate types (sliding, swing, barrier) to ensure all key components are in good order. If your system is making weird noises, runs slower than before, or slams into your gate on opening or closing, it’s time for professional help. Contact us!


If your gate operator should become damaged for any reason, your first task is to turn it off immediately to keep the motor and any one around it safe. You should know how to manually operate the gate, and this is your best course of action until professional help arrives.

If you find yourself with a broken down or damaged automatic gate system, we can diagnose the problem and offer a recommended solution. Once we align on the plan of action, we’ll work to get your system back in tip-top shape as quickly as possible.